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The Boutique

Bohemian Beach Boutique celebrates all women and advocates for size acceptance. We represent individuality and freedom of expression. We offer diverse and inclusive sizing of Bohemian inspired fashion and beachwear that evokes confidence and proves that style can be blind to prejudice.  Bohemian Beach Boutique was created for the wonderer and the adventurer; the fearless and unconventional woman who lives enthusiastically care-free. The one who easily finds herself lost in a book, song or visual work of art. 

Whether your summer vibe is the sunbathing babe, café cutie with a book, the museum wanderer, market goer, outdoor adventurer, luxury vacationer or girls’ night outer, we have the perfect Bohemian inspired products for you. Year round, coast to coast, we’ve got your summer spirit covered! 

Mission: To advocate for size acceptance and fight against size prejudice and body shaming. We strive to encourage body positivity and self-love by providing diverse and inclusive options. Looking good is feeling good, feeling good is confidence and confidence is contagious!  At Bohemian Beach Boutique, we want every woman to ignite her inner confidence and empower other women to feel positive and powerful. 

Vision: A convenient shopping experience combined with positive customer relationships and a female empowered community. We will maintain an honest and open relationship with our customers and will strive to stand at the forefront of providing the highest quality bohemian inspired fashion and swimwear.  

Values: We value self-respect, self-esteem, freedom of expression and freedom of spirit. We also value nature, animals and the environment as much as we value people. We understand that the fashion industry can leave a negative footprint on this beautiful planet with which we have been blessed. As a result, we want to be a sustainable and ethical business that helps and not harms. Internally, our office recycles, reduces waste and uses recycled and natural products wherever possible. Externally, we have sourced suppliers who, in our opinion, contribute to a sustainable or ethical practice. Whether they supply cruelty-free products, hand-made products, products made from naturally reproducing plants, or their products are made in North America to reduce transportation, we believe they are contributing to positive change.