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The Owner

Growing up in a small Northern Ontario community, I did not live the ultimate sand + surf beach life, but I did have the privilege of traveling with my family, which has resulted in a wanderlust spirit. I spent a significant amount of time in Florida in the U.S.A. I grew accustomed to warm winter vacations that were an extension of the short summers I experienced at home. I fell in love with the sun and the feel-good energy that comes from the warmth of a long summer’s day. However, for many years, what I did not love was my body and how self-conscious I felt in summer clothes.  I recall many occasions wearing long pants and over sized shirts in temperatures that suggested I was over-dressed. Being the ‘fat kid’, I often compared myself to others and wondered how to best appeal to them. It took YEARS before I felt comfortable in my own skin. 

How many ladies out there have seen the film Phat Girls, starring Monique? To this day, Phat Girls remains one of my favourite movies. After watching it for the first time, I recall that I sat in my mom’s house sketching clothes, imagining I was a famous designer. My first collection was going to be “Thick Madams” (thank you, Monique). Well, I never did create my “Thick Madams” collection, but, after years of fearing what was or wasn’t cool or what would or wouldn’t fit my body, I began to appreciate fashion and started to love it as much as I loved the warmth of summer. Fashion became a sense of purpose and pride for me when I found out how to convert clothes into outfits to reflect who I am – unapologetically bold, dramatic and daring! It feels absolutely amazing when I create statement outfits by pairing clothes with my favourite accessories to truly make them MY OWN! 

Bohemian Beach Boutique was born in May of 2021 after I joined 100 Most Powerful Women. I was whole-heartedly inspired by my business coaches and sisterhood of like-minded, empowered and encouraging women. It is through 100 Most Powerful Women that I learnt I am part of a bigger purpose and have so much to offer women in this World; Realizing, igniting and believing in my purpose is why it only took 6 months to fully launch Bohemian Beach Boutique! 

For me, Bohemian Beach Boutique is more than summer retail. It is about supporting and celebrating women, advocating for size acceptance and creating an inclusive community. My purpose is to ignite confidence in females of all shapes and sizes. It is time to accept that we are all bold and beautiful, and have the right to live every day unconventionally care-free. Let us unleash our inner bad-asses and start living today as vibrant and bright as the hot summer sun (no, I am not condoning reckless or destructive behaviour)!

I truly hope that Bohemian Beach Boutique offers what reflects your personality. I look forward to growing in myself and my business, and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! Happy shopping!