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Welcome to your Beautiful and Unconventional Life!


I am incredibly excited to welcome you to Bohemian Beach Boutique!! At Bohemian Beach Boutique, we celebrate women and advocate for size acceptance, helping women to find confidence and flourish in their self-esteem. Imagine the possibilities when you live every day confidently care-free and unleash your inner badass to embrace a beautiful and unconventional life!!

As a female who has spent years struggling with her weight and self-esteem, it was important for me to design Bohemian Beach Boutique and create a community, which I refer to as the “Tribe”, where women can embrace their ‘imperfections’ and love themselves; living each day freely and truly.

Bohemian Beach Boutique and I will introduce you to sustainably sourced Boho inspired fashion, beachwear and essentials available in a diverse range of sizes, built for every-body.

If you or someone you love is a wonderer or adventurer, get ready to give the gift of confidence and fulfill someone’s wanderlust spirit...because we deserve to look and feel fabulous in every corner of the globe. Am I right, ladies?

When you support Bohemian Beach Boutique, you are supporting a woman owned Canadian Business that loves the planet as much as it loves people. All of our products are either hand made locally in Canada, designed in Canada, designed in and imported from the USA or ethically sourced and handmade in Bali.

I look so forward to getting to know you and sharing my Boho, body loving business with you!

Feel free to join the Tribe by clicking on the Join our Tribe link. 

Happy Shopping, have fun and stay beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL!



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