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How To Accessorize your Boho Style with Footwear

Accessorizing your Boho Style with Footwear

Calling all Boho Babes and Shoe Lovers!

Tyra Banks always says that great modeling is done from head to toe. This means that models pose with their entire bodies, not just, say, their face or torso. I think the same philosophy applies to fashion itself and an outfit is amplified when accessorized from head to toe.

When I sat down to write this blog, my intent was to provide a go-to source for styling and accessorizing a perfectly chic, Boho vibin' outfit from head to toe.  However, as a shoe fanatic (guilty as charged), I immediately began obsessing over footwear; Specifically, footwear that encompasses Boho. It took over my mindset and redirected my blog into a footwear focused source instead.

By the end of this blog, I hope to answer for you two pertinent questions:

What, exactly, makes footwear Boho? And, how does Boho footwear enhance a head-to-toe outfit that reflects your style personality?

Let's Begin with Footwear Basics...

Designing the ideal outfit is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. You spread out all of the pieces and begin placing them together, one by one, until they fit PERFECTLY! Like the last piece of the puzzle, footwear is the last piece of an outfit to be secured into place before heading out the door. Footwear can, therefore, be the most crucial piece because footwear completes the entire ensemble. Think of your footwear as the frame of the jigsaw puzzle, securing all other pieces in place. 

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, I find there are two types of solvers:

  1.  Those who lay out all of the jigsaw pieces on a flat surface and separate the outer edge pieces from the internal pieces, and, who, sometimes construct the entire frame of the puzzle before laying any inside pieces. 

  2. Those who randomly pick pieces from the box and start placing them together, in no distinct order. 

Similarly, when it comes to footwear, I find there are two types of women:

  1. The women who visualize their outfits with the perfect footwear and who, sometimes, plan their outfits around a particular pair of footwear.
  1. The women who get dressed and haphazardly throw on the most accessible footwear as they run out the door.

I confess that I am woman #1 when it comes to both jigsaw puzzles and footwear, and I sometimes like to unleash my inner Carrie Bradshaw.


Whether you are woman #1 or woman #2, this blog applies to you. You may be wondering how this may apply if you are woman #2, seldom pairing your outfit with the perfect footwear, but, here's the thing:

If you are a casual and beautifully quirky individual, an unintentional footwear selection will reflect your quirkiness in your outfit, still creating a statement. Remember, when your fashion reflects your personality, it just works!

Do you remember when the Spice Girls used to wear tall platform shoes and sneakers? In the late 90s, every teenage girl wanted a pair and in my mid-20's, aka the mid 2000s, I found a pair!! They were white, with white laces, several inches off the ground and had a cow pattern! They were WICKED and totally reflected my unique vibe! People commented on them all the time but comments were always positive. I was told "only you could pull those off". This kind of personality statement - this is exactly what I am trying to showcase. 

You may also be wondering why I am referencing the word "footwear" opposed to "shoes".

This is because I am not just discussing shoes! Footwear includes shoes, as well as sandals, boots, wedges, heels, flats and even foot jewelry. When it comes to Boho fashion, shoes are not the only option. This can make for an incredibly vast and exciting Boho fashionista closet!

Boho Inspired Footwear

With the basics addressed, let's dive in and assess what, exactly, distinguishes footwear as Boho?

Boho fashion is, essentially, inspired by the vibe and care-free lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s hippie. It is the eccentric combination of colours, textures, fabrics and patterns with a vintage flare. 

This same rule applies to footwear. The use of layers, colours, materials, textures and even jewels amplifies footwear from mundane to eccentric and unique.

Living in Canada, where the Fall and Winter seasons are long and, in some regions, harsh, its more than likely that every woman has at least one pair of boots in her closet. Let's use boots to compare what I consider mundane (ordinary) footwear vs. Boho footwear:

Mundane (Ordinary)

Raise a hand if you, dear Tribal reader, own a pair of boots similar to these? 


Raise your other hand if you own a pair of cowboy boots with fringe and wear them through spring, summer and Fall? I bet there are far less of you holding up your second hand. 

Do you see the difference?

What I LOVE more than a Boho inspired boot is a woman who is brazen enough to wear her boots through any season. The whole point of Boho fashion is to be unconventional and care-free, and that includes reflecting your personal style by pairing boots in the summer with maxi dresses, skirts and frumpy tunics paired with denim shorts. The attitude and statement reflected through wearing boots off-season is timeless! 

If, however, you are not quite ready for boots in the summer, or your outfit simply does not call for boots, I have great news for you! There is Boho inspired footwear for every season, making it easier than ever to customize your Boho vibe.  

Trending for Spring & Summer 2022


Here are some trendy examples for Spring and Summer:

How adorable are these pom pom sandals? I have seen similar styles at quite a few shoe stores this Spring and completely adore them! They are everything chic and vintage, and would pair perfectly with our Vintage Floral Print Jumpsuit. Feel free to take a look here and decide.

Gladiator sandals with pom poms are also a stellar choice. I recommend pairing with a high-low dress, romper or shorts and off-the-shoulder tunic.

As you can see, sometimes, your footwear can have enough personality to double as a statement accessory. 

Here are some trendy examples for Fall and Winter:

*Faux Fur - ALWAYS!!!*

Belted ankle boots with knee high socks, paired with a faux fur and fringe purse? Yes, please!! 


Ok, while these boots look basic at a glance, the brownish-red colour combined with the snake skin pattern offers texture while boldly offsetting the white blouse and beige wide-brim hat. The overall look has my approval, and its all because of the textured snake skin pattern. 

I started this blog with an analogy, comparing footwear to the outside pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; Footwear has a way of magnificently encasing an outfit. If you want to take it up a notch, add a wide brimmed hat, headband or bandana and BAM, you really have the head-to-toe glue between which everything else is encased. 

Boho Footwear is a staple for Boho fashion

When it comes to Boho fashion, footwear is equally as, if not more important than, clothing and, sometimes, accessories. While footwear may be the last piece of the puzzle put in place, it tends to be the binding piece that holds the overall look. Whether you are woman #1 or woman #2, your footwear makes an important statement about your personality, style and Boho vibe:

Chic and bubbly: footwear with bright colours, flats, heels or wedges

Eclectic: footwear with bold patterns, textures and embellishments, sandals or wedges 

Modern Bad ass: footwear with fringe, high laces, high socks, dark colours, boots, gladiators or wedges

They say you have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before passing judgement. But, isn't it more important to walk a mile confidently in your own  footwear? 

Whether you are woman #1 or woman #2, I think there is one more thing upon which we can all agree…good footwear is not cheap and can be hard to find! We don’t always all have the budget and luxury of annually rotating our shoe closets to keep up with new and emerging trends. BUT that is one thing I LOVE about eclectic footwear; It is timeless and can be worn through seasons and years. Pick a few pairs that are different, brazen and a reflection of YOU, and then care for them so that they last a long time. Also, don't be afraid to source your footwear through thrift shops or grandma's closet. You can find some INCREDIBLE vintage pieces, straight from the 60s and 70s era that are in great condition. 

For those of you who are still interested in compiling the perfect head-to-toe outfit, the image below is a simple and basic depiction of what to include:


Don't worry, I promise I will delve into this topic in more detail in a future blog to help you accessorize from head to toe with matching AND contrasting combinations!! That's right, you can still be cohesive with opposing colours and prints...after all, that is the Boho lifestyle. Stay tuned, my Tribal reader. 

 I would love to hear about your Boho footwear collection and if you identify more as woman #1 or woman #2. And just for do you jigsaw puzzle? ;) Please feel free to share in the comments or reach out to me at 

If you found this blog helpful, please leave a comment. 

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