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Determined women hire me to re-ignite LOVE for their bodies and lives so they can walk in power and confidence!

Are you a determined woman prepared to elevate and step in to your power?

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Hey Girl!

I’m Coach Kaitlin, body image and mindset coach specializing in self-worth and confidence.

I ELEVATE and EMPOWER determined women to rise up from despondence and take control of life by securing self-worth and confidence.

For years I faked my own confidence and was internally despondent. Eventually, I went on a lengthy health and wellness journey wherein I lost 100 pounds without any fad diets or extreme workout programs. Now, I’m exploding with confidence and living my best life, but it is NOT because I lost 100 pounds. I am living my best life because I invested in myself by taking purposeful action. I took initiative to be accountable, show up for myself and change my body image beliefs. I am finally living my best life and I want to help you live your best life – as you are NOW!

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “body positive” but are you familiar with the term “body image”? And do you know that body image entails so much more than feeling “positive” about your body? I wish I knew years ago what the term body image actually means and that self-perception affects everything…and I mean EVERYTHING! My negative self-perceptions were affecting my behaviors, my relationships, my habits, my beliefs and, worst of all, preventing me from crushing goals.

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom and developed extreme depression that I stepped up and transformed the direction of my life by transofmring my mindset. There was no way forward without undoing the damage I HAD DONE. I deeply assessed the root causes of my body image beliefs and deconstructed the negative image I carried of myself in order to TAKE BACK CONTROL and REDIRECT my life path.

Are you ready to do the same?

If you’re still scrolling, the answer is YES and the time is NOW!


Kaitlin Kreczmer

Body Image & Mindset Coach

My Coaching is for you if:

🦋 You are ready to fall in love with yourself

🦋 You are ready to STOP making your body the focus of your life

🦋 You are ready to SHOW UP for yourself, be accountable and dedicated

🦋 You are ready to regain control of your life

🦋 You are prepared for blunt honesty; I lied to myself so much in the past, there are no lies left to give

🦋 You are prepared to go outside your comfort zone

🦋 You are ready to work past your body image blocks and open your path to success

🦋 You are ready to flourish in confidence

🦋 You understand that YOU are an investment

🦋 You are comfortable with obscene language

My Coaching is NOT for you if:

❌ You are not invested in yourself

❌ You have no desire to shift your thinking patterns and STOP making excuses

❌ You will continue lie to yourself and those around you

❌ You are not prepared to put in the work to achieve your desired results

❌ You are not prepared to go outside of your comfort zone

❌ You are not ready to take control and live your best life

❌ You are trigged by obscene language

Please note

I am NOT a fitness coach, nutritionist or personal trainer. My coaching is designed to improve your physical and mental well-being by elevating your body image beliefs. My coaching is designed to empower you so that your self-worth, stability and confidence ignite and you are FREE to live a life of fulfillment. TRUE transformation comes from within!

 schedule your 15-minute Self-Discovery Call with me 

Schedule my call

Our call will be used to determine your specific goals and the body image beliefs that are holding you back!


  1. MYBody, MYLife: Limited Enrolment 

    I only work with a select number of VIP clients at a time


    1 year (12 months) of one-on-one coaching to support your goals and break the barrier that is holding you back 

    Working through your current body image perceptions, emotions and behaviours 

    Up to 18 private coaching calls

    Check-in, accountability and progress emails from me

    Tools, resources and homework from me

    Power Hours - Group Coaching Calls

    Invitation for lifetime access to my VIP Members-Only Community

    Opportunity to earn MYBody badge
  2. Master your Mindset: Your 6-Week Journey from Despondence to Fulfillment

    A 6-week, advanced track group coaching program


    Review and analysis of the most common body image issues, including root causes and how to move beyond them

    How your perceptions affect your emotions and behaviours

    “Power Hours”:  weekly group coaching sessions

    Check-in and accountability emails from me

    Group support and accountability

    Tools, resources and homework

    Invitation for lifetime access to my VIP Members-Only community

    Topics include relationships (personal, professional and intimate), nutrition, fashion and personality style, self-care, mental health and more. 

    🦋Ideal for the woman who enjoys community support, empowerment and accountability 

    Please contact for the next cohort start date. 

If you are where I was:

❌ Associating body image with self-worth

❌ Feeling despondent

❌ Comparing yourself to others

❌ Faking confidence or without confidence at all

❌ Self-sabotaging and Emotional eating

❌ Self-loathing

❌ Holding on to feelings of unworthiness

❌ Afraid of Trolls and body shamers 

❌ Seeking immediate/promised solutions

❌ Isolating from people or hiding behind clothes

If I told you that strict diet and exercise is not the solution and the time for transformation is NOW, would you:

🦋 Fall in love with yourself

🦋 Detach your appearance from your self-worth

🦋 Regain control of your life

🦋 Go outside of your comfort zone

🦋 Change your perceptions and behaviour patterns

🦋 Implement long-lasting lifestyle changes

🦋 Join a community of like-minded, empowered women

🦋 Be a bad-ass woman crushing goals?

If so, NOW is the time to book your self-discovery call. I've got you!

Schedule my call

Our call will be used to determine your specific goals and the body image beliefs that are holding you back!

Are You Ready to harness your power and walk in Confidence?

If you answered YES - Let's do it!
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