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How to Decorate your Home to Reflect your Boho Style

Decorating your home to reflect your Boho style is incredibly eclectic and achievable on any budget! 

 If walls could talk, what would yours say about you?

Boho Inspired Collage Wall

They say that your home is, in many ways, a reflection of yourself. How you tidy, organize and decorate invites guests to learn more about who you are and how you operate internally. My apartment is welcoming and calm, very clean and well organized – everything is in its place. My décor is chic and feminine and my living space radiates a positive feng shui. I enjoy the company of others but also enjoy my alone time, the time that my introverted self craves to rejuvenate. It was, therefore, important for me to design a space that can become my oasis, my blissful Utopia amidst a chaotic schedule and world; a tranquil place into which I can sink – mind, body and soul.

Every room has its own theme, reflecting a different part of me. As an individual, I am described as happy, positive and bubbly. I work to maintain a professional image, but also have a wicked sense of humour and strong zest for life. My greatest interests include culture, travel, adventure, yoga, fashion and anything with sparkle. All of my interests amalgamate into what I consider modern Boho chic.

In my “humble” opinion, the only thing in this world that is as versatile, meaningful and head turning as Boho fashion is Boho home décor. Although its quite obvious by now, I will take a moment to formally confess that I ADORE Boho décor. Actually, let me be fully transparent by saying my heart freely beats for any and everything Boho! Boho is so free-loving, free-flowing and free-spirited and me.

Depending how often you follow me, you may know that I tend to describe Boho as versatile, and that’s because…IT IS! When you purposefully combine contrasting textures, patterns and fabrics, the inconsistencies blend marvellously, resulting in eclectic designs that appeal to all senses.  Moreover, there are no limits to how you design and define your Boho space.

Is Boho Decor still trending in 2022?

Yes, it absolutely is, and I’m of the opinion that it always will. That may be a biased opinion, but even if Boho décor were not trending, would it really matter? The whole appeal of Boho is that it is symbolic of living happily care-free against the norm. Whether we’re back in 2000, at present in 2022 or in the future at 2040, if your heart beats Boho, let that be reflected in your home as well. Sure, some Boho inspired products may change and modernize with time, but the concept will always be the same; And there is something beautiful about the freedom to create a custom vibe with contradicting textures, fabrics and patterns. When you do it right, it just works! 

If your goal is to achieve a modern Boho vibe, that is totally doable. Simply combine the traditional elements of Boho, i.e. the use of plants, flowers, wood, macramé etc., with whatever is trending at the time. Below is a great example from Pinterest – can I get two hands in the air for the awesomeness that is Pinterest!! - Anyway, here is an example of modern, and what I will dub minimalist Boho chic décor.

 Modern Boho Chic Decor Ideas

In this example, we are delighted by a combination of natural wood, painted wood, geometric shapes, faux fur, a wood framed mirror and a macramé wall hanging. Some may look at this and think of it as primarily modern décor, and they would be correct. However, what also solidifies this as Boho is the melding of freshly painted wood with natural wood and modern elements that add texture and playfulness. 

Is Boho décor budget friendly?

Ok! This is, by far, one of my favourite things about Boho inspired décor.  As with your wardrobe, you can design your in-home Boho vibe to be as minimalistic, simplistic or elaborate as you desire. You may have an incredibly modern home, and prefer subtle touches of Boho inspo. For example, branches of pampas grass in a vase, a cactus on a geometric wall shelf or a vintage inspired wicker chair. 

Pompas Grass Boho Decor

(Photo source:

My recommendation if you are looking for a subtle Boho touch is to bring at least one of the four elements into the room. To refresh, the four elements are:
  1. Earth
  2. Air
  3. Fire
  4. Water

Fresh plants and natural wood are often the most common but, the other elements are beautiful too. You can easily incorporate things such as scents, candles and fountains in your Boho décor scheme. As long as the vibe appeals to your senses and your spirit is happy, then it is the right element for you!

I would even go as far to say that an element can be enhanced by or substituted with macramé. What, exactly, is Macramé? Well, macramé is an ancient art form that uses knotting techniques to create beautiful patterns. What I love most about macramé is that it is visually pleasing and can become functional art. Macramé is often used to decorate shelves, hang plants, hats and more. Check out my new macramé hat hanger!! I’ve had it for about a week now and am still incredibly excited about it; I think it may have been the spark that ignited this blog. Thank you Maryanne of Mimi's Macrame! 

Macramé Boho Hat Hanger for Wall

I digress, let's return to the subject of budget, shall we. 

Hello Winners, hello vintage shops, hello yard sales and markets, hello grandma’s house! The places to find inspo are as endless as your imagination! Where you choose to source your Boho vibe, comes down to three things:

  1. Personal preference for modern vs. vintage;
  2. Time and capacity for DIY; and
  3. Budget!

As well, your décor sourcing may also be dependent on whether you rent or own your space. I currently rent my living space and am limited to how much I can decorate… and how much I can physically maneuver up three flights of stairs. But, for those of you who are incredibly free spirited and have the luxury of no financial or customization limits, then please keep in mind that your vibe doesn’t have to end with décor. That’s right – window fixtures, accent walls, flooring and refurbished furniture can all be utilized to style a full in home Boho makeover! 

Ok, are you ready? 🥁 Drum roll please...

Here are some of my FAVOURITE Boho inspired designs for every indoor and outdoor space of your home. Much like a perfectly paired outfit, these spaces are perfectly designed from head to toe. 

 Boho Living Room Decor IdeasChic, feminine and crisp Livingroom vibes (photo source:


Modern Boho Bedroom Decor Inspiration Bedroom Bliss, or glorious sanctuary (photo source:


 Trendy Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom Oasis. I would feel nothing but peace in this space. (photo source:


Wood, wicker and warm colours for a paradise worth waking in

(photo source:


Modern Boho Bathroom Decoration Ideas
Amplify your bathroom from ordinary to spa (photo source: Pinterest)
 Trending Boho Bathroom Ideas

The tiled floor and patterned wall decor create a gorgeous mosaic. I love the warm Mexican influence as well  (photo source:

Modern Chic Boho Kitchen Inspiration

Hello vintage café! These hanging plants and fixtures create life and depth! (photo source:

Modern Black and White Boho Inspired Kitchen

Black and white modern kitchen vibes! Such a clean and crisp look. 

(photo source:


Backyard Boho Inspiration

 Modern and crisp but far from traditional! Patios deserve love and we deserve to love our personal landscapes (photo source: Pinterest)

Modern Boho Patio Set Up

Lights, plants, hats and pillows...yes, yes, yes and yes! On a warm summer evening this transitions to pure, romantic Boho bliss.

(photo source:

Modern Boho Backyard Oasis Inspiration
Modern, chic Boho - its all about the accent pieces!! 
(photo source: Pinterest)

I hope these incredibly unique ideas provide you with the inspiration you are seeking.

Let's Recap! 

Unleashing your Boho style personality does not have to end with your wardrobe. As I previously mentioned, bringing a Boho vibe into your indoor or outdoor living space is as simple as adding a natural element or macrame wall art, or combining the two, for a functional statement piece. As a certified and former wedding planner, I have an eye for detail and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a statement piece. That said, if your personality, budget and living space allow it, embrace a full Boho home renovation; Dramatic changes tend to be the most thrilling, but remember they also take a lot of planning.

At the end of the day, Boho is a beautiful juxtaposition of fabrics, textures, shapes and elements. My one recommendation, however, is that amidst the mixing-and-matching, you at least keep one element cohesive. And that is…your colour palette. If you are going to bring in bold pops of colour, I suggest having only one or two colours and using them sparingly as statement pieces, such as an accent wall or unique piece of furniture. If you add too much of anything, the end result can reflect chaos or indecision. Feel free to review the examples above. While each is distinctly different, the one consistency is that each has a cohesive palette with only sporadic pops of colour. 

If you have boho décor in your home, please feel free to share on our Instagram and Facebook - @bohobeachboutiquecanada – I would love to see your palette and personal sense of style! Do you prefer the comfort of plants, the tranquility of fountains, or the romance of stringed lights?

I would like to send a shout out to my dear friend, Lorianne, for some inspiring verbiage that assisted me with this Blog. Always a dedicated and fast thinking friend!!

If you found this Blog helpful or have additional tips and ideas, please leave your comments – we love hearing from you!

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