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A New Month and New Opportunities: April 2022 Newsletter

Do You Remember Your First Time?

April marks the beginning of a new quarter in our year, and this year April has also marked the beginning of many 1sts for me as a woman and as a business owner.

Enclosed, especially for you my dear Tribal reader, are our April highlights and first-time experiences.

National Women's Show Fashion Show

It finally happened! As you may or may not know, I recently had the privilege of designing and presenting my first EVER fashion show and speaking on stage as the founder of my own business.

We held two fashion shows this month, on April 9th and 10th, at the National Women’s Show in Ottawa. I am so proud to report that both shows were an incredible success.

I set out to showcase beauty as existing in a multitude of colours, shapes, sizes and abilities because I wanted every female in the audience to envision herself on stage.

What began as nerve-wracking, blossomed into an incredibly positive experience that ended with learning opportunities, growth and new relationships, both professional and personal. I could not have done it without all of the beautiful ladies who volunteered to showcase Bohemian Beach Boutique on the runway. Together, the models brought the diversity that I sought and the essence that fashion can be blind to prejudice; A true display of women supporting women.

To share in my takeaways and see the runway highlights, you can access my
blog here.

I would to send a special thank you to Julie of Golden Moments Photo Co. for capturing all of the stunning women on the runway!

Bodywave Swimwear Design and Development

At the time that I launched Bohemian Beach Boutique, I was in the process of brainstorming and sketching my first swimwear collection, inspired by the realization that the vast majority of swimwear currently on the market is not well structured to adequately support curvaceous women.

With the final details fine tuned earlier this year, I recently ordered and received special swimwear fabric all the way from Australia – yes, down under, how exciting - so that I could begin the next phase of the design and development process.

As a result, I am incredibly happy to report that I am working with a local production company here in Ottawa and the development of my first one piece and two-piece curvaceous swimwear designs are officially under way. Although a long process, this will be a fun and informative journey providing learning opportunities for me as a starting designer.

I will be sure to keep you apprised of all updates throughout the process. I currently intend to have the first collection available for Spring and Summer 2023. So, ladies, get ready to flaunt your beautiful, curvaceous bodies with attitude because my swimwear is designed to put you in control and Command Attention.

PARO Women Leaders - A Sustainable Future Event and Awards

I had such a great time at this event on Thursday, April 28th. Although it was held virtually, I felt quite connected to the inspirational speakers, women entrepreneurs and environmental supporters who were present. It was a great day of bonding, networking and uplifting. The keynote speech by Dr. Jane Goodall delivered an impactful statement about the import contributions of women as it relates to environmental and conservation issues.  

During the event, PARO announced the winner of its Rising Star Business Award, for which I was a nominee. The Rising Star was awarded to a current woman leader who is starting out in business, managing her own business, and quickly rising through the ranks.

The winner of the Rising Star Award was Susan Keast who founded Resources Ink.

This was a competitive group of nominees, with many phenomenal women business owners who are striving for change and rising up the ranks with ecofriendly businesses. It was an honour to be named among them. Sending a heartfelt congratulations to Susan and to everyone who had taken the time to submit a nomination for me and Bohemian Beach Boutique.

In-Home VIP Shopping Parties

During the May Long Weekend, I will be packing up the boutique and heading to Toronto to conduct our first VIP Exclusive Home Shopping Party in the GTA. I am stoked for a road trip and the opportunity to meet some incredible women who are ready to shop chic Boho fashion for the summer season.

If you are in the Ottawa area, Gatineau or GTA and would like to shop like a celebrity from the comfort of your home, simply grab your girls and a bottle of wine and contact me to schedule a date and time.  

Enjoy the luxury of a girl’s day, or evening, in, avoiding store crowds, shipping delays and the general uncertainties of online shopping. Bohemian Beach Boutique will come directly to you so that you can take your time to browse, touch and try before you buy. I will be on site to directly answer any questions that you have about our products, and recommend different styling options to suit your individual personality.

Simply email

Williamsburg Country Market

It is that sunny time of year again and Bohemian Beach Boutique has been invited to participate in the Williamsburg Country Market every Sunday from May through October. We will be heading to Williamsburg for the first time on May 1, 2022 for the first market of the year. I look forward to getting to know the community and meeting all of the other wonderful vendors. If you are in the Ottawa area, and are looking for a fun family friendly outing, I would love to see you in Williamsburg, in the Jay’s Tire Parking Lot, located at 4358   31, Williamsburg, Ontario.

If you are looking for a special Mother’s Day road trip and shopping spree, be sure to find us in Williamsburg on Sunday, May 8, 2022 as well, as we will be attending the market for a 2nd time that day.

Please note that we will not be attending the Williamsburg Country Market EVERY Sunday from May to October, so keep an eye on our social. I will provide updates on Instagram and Facebook of our attendance throughout the Summer and Fall. I will also advise of future markets and locations as the dates draw near.

Spring and Summer 2022

NEW products for the summer season continue to arrive at the Boutique!! Our new Boho Crochet Bralettes will be available on Wednesday, May 4th and a new release promo code, for a limited time, will be dropping into your inbox shortly.

Keep tabs on your inbox and our social channels because there is so much to come throughout the season! If you’re not yet connected, please follow us on Instagram @bohobeachboutiquecanada and on Facebook at Boho Beach Boutique Canada.




Business Collaborations

As a result of all the exciting happenings throughout the month of April, I have had the opportunity to meet some other business women, with whom I have been blessed to connect and collaborate. I would like to take a moment to share one of them with you today:

Karissa Besharah Design

I had the pleasure of meeting Karissa at the National Women’s Show and immediately related to her bubbly spirit and Boho vibe.  I purchased some of her collection to add an extra Boho element when photographing products for Bohemian Beach Boutique.  

Karissa is a talented individual who designs and retails modern art and home accents that align your home décor with your personality. With a strong heart for community and sustainability, Karissa Besharah Design is an eco-friendly business that uses sustainable resources and donates a portion of proceeds to CHEO. How does it get any better?

Whether you are in Ottawa or anywhere in Canada, if you are looking for some accents to bring your dream home décor to fruition, I highly recommend checking out her site. 

She can also be found on Instagram

If you're looking for some Boho home decor inspo, check out a recent blog here, enclosing some tips and trends.

Well, that's a wrap for April

With all of these firsts, I am incredibly curious to see what's new and exciting blessings emerge throughout the month of May.

Please know that I am incredibly grateful for YOU and this growing Tribe of empowered women. I look forward to sharing future goals, triumphs and hardships as this small business continues to grow.

If there is anything you would like to see land at the Boutique, or if there is anything you would like to read in the blog, please reach out to with your requests and suggestions.  

Stay beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL and know that you are loved at Bohemian Beach Boutique!



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