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The Power of the Compliment


A compliment is defined as polite praise or admiration.

Compliments are exchanged between individuals and include anything from appearance, attire, delivering a presentation or speech, achieving an award, completing a task etc.


While the compliment may seem like a minuscule and common exchange between people, both giving and receiving compliments is essential for our overall well-being, and improves our self-esteem and positive mindset.

I want you take a moment to think about the last time you received a compliment, even a casual one like “nice top”.

Do you recall how you felt when you received that compliment?

Did your compliment come from someone you knew or a stranger?

Is your recollection making you feel happy at this moment?

Have you ever heard the phrase “a compliment goes a long way”?

I hope so, because its true!!!

First and foremost, you never know when somebody is having a bad day. ONE compliment, from a friend or stranger, can be enough to change their entire perspective and become the highlight…the pivotal moment that turns their day right side up. That in itself is enough to make me want to reach at least one person a day with a compliment. Imagine how much positivity we could emanate in the world if we paid it forward with compliments??!

In addition, giving compliments is one of the simplest ways that we can stay connected as people and is truly a reciprocal exchange.  More often than not, when given a compliment, one’s natural reaction is to acknowledge it with the words “thank you”. When we receive that acknowledgement, we are left feeling as happy as the individual we’ve just complimented because we have been heard and our message received with gratitude. Whether you respond with “your welcome” or just smile, nod and walk away, a positive mindset has now been established for both of you. How does it get any better than that? Well, ironically, it can. A compliment also has potential to lead to full conversations that establish business relationships and friendships.

Hear me out…

In addition to Bohemian Beach Boutique, I have my own health and wellness business with a 41-year-old company that provides solutions for holistic living. In order to be a problem solver and share the great solutions of my business, its crucial that I build relationships with strangers on a daily basis. This has been hard for me because I am more of an introvert and prefer to be like the Ninja or cloaked phantom who sneaks in and out of places unseen and unheard. BUT, one thing I have recently learnt is that the compliment is a CONFIDENCE BOOSTER because it is a simple exchange that also makes for a great ice breaker! Immediately, both I and the recipient are wrapped in a bubble of happiness that makes it easier to develop conversation, find commonalities and see what happens. If you want a simple solution to strike up conversation with a stranger, this is a good route to take. Now, I will also add, don’t be disingenuous and throw out empty compliments to build connections. Your insincerity will show and you will not be reciprocated with a “thank you”. Take the time to seek the individual(s) who strike you and to whom you can deliver an honest compliment.

So, we know that a compliment is a simple solution for brightening someone’s day and that it can build relationships, but why, exactly, does that happen?

How the Body Reacts to Compliments 

Well…one thing I do when I am complimented, is smile. I smile because it makes me feel positive about myself and my choices that day. I smile because I, mediocre little me, have been spotted in a crowd and acknowledged. I smile because it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should so it is still a surprise; A gift from the Universe, a small token of love if you will.  

Smiling causes the body to release endorphins and neuropeptides that help fight off stress, improve mood, reduce fatigue and reduce blood pressure. When stress is reduced and overall mood improved, it’s like a state of euphoria that can result in a completely different perspective and outcome for the rest of the day, AKA, a positive mindset!! As a result, the recipient of a compliment is more likely to experience enhanced productivity, improved interactions with others, improved confidence and love of self. WHAT A SHIFT!! A real game changer and day saver I would say!

A Recent Story

I was recently walking from my apartment to a local post office to ship a package. I am in Ontario, so winters are cold and I was more concerned about staying warm than looking good; I also knew I was literally walking to the post office, placing my package on the counter and walking home. In my mind, minimal effort required. I wound up haphazardly grabbing gear from the closet: a sparkly headband, an oversized green jacket, grey mittens and beige ankle high winter boots with faux fur trim. I was also wearing nylons and a dress…just to give you a visual of how mismatched and uncoordinated I was that day. Anyway, as I was leaving the post office, I passed a lady waiting at a bus stop. As I walked past, this lady shouted “WOOOOW! You look so beautiful!!” I immediately turned to her with a smile and said “uh, thank you” – sincerely but also in shock because of all days, today was not the day I was expecting a compliment. That said though, that’s usually the way it works…Murphy’s Law... which is why compliments are a fundamental mindset changer. I spent the rest of my walk home smiling because I was so taken back that somebody took a moment to notice me and dish out something positive! I hope that my acknowledgment was enough to brighten her day as well. As I write this, and picture her pure joy at that bus stop, I’m smiling AGAIN. See…a compliment goes a long way.

   A close duplication of my outfit!

At the end of the day, the compliment is a powerful exchange that connects us as a species and society. Now, more than ever, compliments need to be made and paid forward to remind us all that despite the isolation and separation caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are still connected and paying attention to one another. We are still here to support and uplift one another and ourselves!

There is no doubt that a simple compliment goes a long way in improving our minds, bodies and longevity. The immediate emotional response and prolonged health benefits are scientifically proven and critical for developing and maintaining a positive mindset.

So…now that you have read this, I have a challenge for you. For the next week, that’s 7 days, I want you to do the following:

1. When you wake up tomorrow morning, look yourself in the mirror and smile. No words, unless a compliment comes to mind -*hint, hint*, just a smile.

2. Note your reaction. 

3. Approach at least one stranger each day, yes, that is 7 people, and give them a compliment, no matter how small or large.
4. Note their reaction, note your reaction. Where does it lead?
Stop criticizing. Start complimenting and approving of yourself by joining our Tribe of empowered women by clicking the image above. 


Stay beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL, but add this conventional practice to your daily routine and feel a positive shift in your mindset. 

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave your comments! I LOVE hearing from you!



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