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Mid-Summer Newsletter


Hello my dear Tribal reader!

I am absolutely loving the summer vibes and can’t believe there is only one month left before Fall! I promise I’m not trying to rush the warmth away, but, seriously, where has this vacation season gone?

So much has transpired over the course of June and July, and, through it all, I’ve still had time to soak up the rays and take in the beauty of the season. There is nothing more fabulous than a day splashing about the water, followed by an evening strolling along the sand. Hands up if you’re with me!!

🌞🔥 Yes, Boho Babe - I may not see you, but I feel you.

While I typically recap every month with its own Newsletter, due to the busyness of the season and how much transitioned from June to July, I thought I would postpone the June newsletter and combine two months in one. And with that…

Read on, for the summer highlights


I previously advised that I have started the design and development of my first curvaceous swimwear line. Phase one, one-piece swimsuit and two-piece sample development has been complete!! I have a big meeting this week to discuss the result of the first sample and, in the near future I will be hosting a focus group in Ottawa to get consumer feedback before proceeding with the second sample. I will keep you apprised of all developments.


In June, I had the privilege of traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to attend the COAST Tradeshow. This was an incredible, albeit HOT, experience. Amid an intense heatwave and humidity, I was able to meet more than a dozen swimwear, jewellery and accessory brands located in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Columbia. This was a great opportunity for me to connect with female entrepreneurs and designers and to see and feel some beautiful new Boho designs. In addition to this incredible experience, I had the opportunity to visit a dear friend in Miami🌺. Catching up with her was by far the highlight. We are nothing without our Tribe!

I look forward to bringing new slow-fashion brands and designs to Bohemian Beach Boutique throughout the next year. Keep your eyes👀 peeled. 


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my alter-ego, Coach Kaitlin, body image and mindset coach specializing in self-worth and confidence.

In May, during a call with a mentor, I discovered that for me one of the most meaningful aspects of Bohemian Beach Boutique is my ability to advocate for women with body positive, confidence lifting and self-acceptance messaging.  As much as I looooove summer and as much as I loooooove fashion, and as much as I looooove having the opportunity to provide summer fashion for all bodies (something that was foreign to society and I for years), I know that this is not enough for me. I have so much more to give women.  

Not so long ago, I explored a significant 6-year journey that took me FROM lacking confidence, feeling despondent, having low self-worth, staying in a dead-end job and living in a mundane life TO losing 100 lbs., getting divorced, relocating, quitting my office administrative job, launching two businesses, speaking on stage and writing.

After my 30-year struggle with body image issues that left me feeling unworthy and despondent, I finally became accountable to myself and OWNED UP to take CONTROL of my life. I have invested so much in my own coaching and know the true value of growth, self-acceptance and showing up for myself. I’ve therefore decided it is time for me to elevate and empower like-minded, determined women with my own coaching programs. Women who are ready to OWN their confidence and let go of the body image beliefs that are preventing them from truly living life and crushing goals! If this is you, then I invite you to schedule a 15-minute self-discovery call with me HERE.

I would also like to invite YOU to be part of my community of empowered women who have GOT YOU because they are you and ready to transform their lives with you! If you are on Facebook and ready to RISE UP, please join this FREE community HERE. 

I hope to see you on the inside, girl!


I am so honoured and thrilled to announce that Bohemian Beach Boutique has recently partnered with Mannahelp, a registered not-for-profit organization with operations in Canada and Nigeria. Their mission is to eradicate poverty, end hunger, and sustain the environment thereby engaging beneficiaries to attain sustainable livelihood. I have been searching for the perfect organization to partner with and when I met Beatrice of Mannahelp, I knew I found “the One”. Our values totally align and we are both passionate about giving back to the planet, empowering women and supporting youth, locally and abroad.

Mannahelp offers three (3) core programs as follows:

 Our Girl Child Education Program:

The Mannahelp “Yes She Can” program ensures girls complete their education by dialoguing between community leaders, parents, and students about the benefits of educating the girl child. According to UNESCO, girls make up 60% of all out-of-school children in Nigeria at primary level. Mannahelp believes all girls have equal rights to education, and we promote this, by removing obstacles preventing girls and young women from achieving this dream.

Food support program:

Mannahelp provides families in need with necessities through our Food Program. We are currently serving Durham region, Ontario Canada. According to, 66,100 people do not have enough money to buy food. Some necessities we provide include Breakfast food, Healthy snacks, Vegetables and Fruits, Canned Protein and Hygiene items.

Conservation Corps

This is a summer program that provides youth 15 to 30 years of age in Ontario, Canada with training and meaningful employment in environmental and cultural heritage conservation. The Green Team program is aimed at empowering youth with leadership skills, team spirit, employment skills and connecting them to the environment.

As of July 1st, I have been setting aside 5% of proceeds from every sale made at Bohemian Beach Boutique to provide to Mannahelp. The proceeds will be used by Mannahelp to help fund its core programs and spread awareness about its cause.

I look forward to a long-term relationship with Beatrice and Mannahelp and am eager to see this not-for-profit create big waves.


What do a Bigamist and a Hovel have in common?

Well, in mere months you will find out!

I am privileged to announce that I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with 29 female authors to complete an empowering collection of survival stories, by women, for women who are overcoming challenges. Since grade school part of me has always wanted to become an author. While my first fictional stories were formed of misspelled words and run-on sentences, I have grown immensely in my skill and now words cannot express the joy I feel about soon having my FIRST official work published! IN-SANE!!!

Although drafting my story has been an emotional rollercoaster, causing me to rehash emotions I’ve already let go, I am incredibly proud of myself for finally opening up about a tough chapter in my life – the final chapter that led to my breakthrough. Part of being authentic is finding the power to be vulnerable and I know that my story will resonate with other women out there. And, if it only resonates with one, who is able to overcome by the help of my words, then that is a worthwhile writing endeavor!

The book will be released this Fall and I will keep you, dear Tribal reader, apprised of the official launch date. If you find yourself facing any struggles or hardships, please do not face them alone. Part of being a Warrior is standing with and for your Tribe, and having the confidence to know that your Tribe is standing with you!


This summer has been incredibly busy, BUT it has not been all work and no play for this entrepreneur.

Even the markets have been a blast.

Speaking of markets, you can find Bohemian Beach Boutique in person on Saturday, August 13th at the Garden Party Market in Winchester, Ontario and at Goods and Co. in Thunder Bay, Ontario on Sunday, August 21st.

That’s right Thunder Bay - I am so excited to meet you in person!

 Here is a glimpse at some of the outdoor fun that has taken place so far this summer....


It has been a whirlwind yet joyous two months, taking in all the fun of the season. It’s hard to believe that we are officially in the month of August, but with that, I say, its time to continue the summer adventures!  Travel on my beautiful Wanderlusters! 

Stay beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL and know that you are loved at Bohemian Beach Boutique!



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