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My Business Coaching Takeaway and the Importance of Female Empowerment

As a member of 100 Most Powerful Women, I recently had the privilege of attending a business coaching retreat in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles!! This was my first business coaching opportunity and what an experience it was!

I joined 100 Most Powerful Women in May of 2021. Throughout the year, I spent a lot of time building virtual connections with my coaches and fellow members. I always logged off of our monthly coaching calls feeling empowered and motivated because I received insight and savvy, mastermind level, business advice. This in itself had been an incredible opportunity, but words cannot express how heartwarming and emotional it was to FINALLY get to meet in person with the women I had become so close with. 

They say that empowered women empower other women, and there was no shortage of that during this coaching retreat. Despite our different backgrounds, cultures and dreams one thing rang loud and clear for us all:

We are all worthy, we are all loved and we are all capable of achieving greatness!

The outpouring of empowerment, love, support, encouragement and sharing of business and personal life goals was touching on professional and personal levels. I will be forever grateful for the vulnerability and trust these women placed in me, and one another, over the course of the weekend. 

There were laughs and there were tears but through that, the forming of a sisterhood that proves just how much good women can bring into this world when we come together and...well..."be the shit" !!!

When I was initially presented the opportunity to join 100 Most Powerful Women, there was absolutely no hesitation. Normally, I would have gawked at the price tag and said "no way - not in my budget", but in this case, something told me just to do it. So, I did...fearlessly - and look at the beauty that unfolded. New relationships, lifetime bonds and the strength to know that my transformational journey is not over.

Before 2021, did I ever envision myself attending the Beverly Wilshire hotel or modeling around the streets of Beverly Hills? - NOT ONCE!

For anybody who is new to coaching - I'm telling you to take the opportunity and make it a regular part of your life. I won't go into all of the coaching details or why I think that having a coach is important because that is not what this article is for.

I'm merely sharing my feelings on the outcome of an opportunity because my heart is still filled with so much joy. What I would like for you to take away from this is that you must always open your heart and mind to new opportunities. You never know what new experiences await you and the growth you will attain from something new. From hereon out, if something intrigues you or excites you, even in the slightest, listen to your instincts and go for it!! You do not know what doors and connections will open for you when you start saying "YES" instead of no. 

No matter how insignificant your life to date may seem, I can assure you that it's not. You do not know who can relate to your story or struggle, or how combining your story with somebody else's can have an even greater impact for other women.

Get out there, make connections, create bonds, share your dreams and break the silence of your past.

And, live today and everyday beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL! 





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