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BOOST your Confidence with SPRING Cleaning

How to Boost your Confidence with Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here, and if you’re anything like me, you know what that means…

Spring cleaning!

mmhmm - The time of year for a thorough in house clean to refresh and revive your space in a way that accompanies the rejuvenating fresh air and brightness of the season🌞💐

But do you know that YOU can also benefit from a thorough spring cleaning internally?  


We are three months into 2023 and this is the perfect time to BREAK FREE from all thoughts and habits that no longer serve you.

Below are some ideas to help you pause, reflect, toss and amp up your confidence this Spring:

Change your Thinking🌺

What thoughts have been bringing you down? Release all thoughts that make you feel bad, unworthy, ashamed, not good enough etc. Replace those thoughts with POSITIVE thoughts by reflecting on things you are good at, compliments you receive, compliments you give yourself, how your body supports you and how you show up to support others. I promise that you are worthy here and now, wherever you are at!

Refresh your Social Feed🌺

One of my favourite things about social media is the POWER WE HOLD to control the content. Scroll through your social channels and remove ALL content that makes you feel inferior, less than, not beautiful, unworthy, or simply has you comparing your life and body. You deserve to have content that energizes, motivates and, overall, makes you feel FABULOUS!!

Be Unapologetic as F***🌺

Stop apologizing for your choices! One lesson I’ve learnt in life is that you will NEVER please everyone. You were put on this earth to live the life you desire, so its imperative that you participate in what brings you pleasure and makes you feel happy. Stop holding yourself back because you fear outside opinion. At the end of the day, the only opinion that affects your life is YOURS. Release happy endorphins by pleasing your mind, body and spirit!

Rejuvenate your wardrobe🌺 

Ditch the black and bring all pastels, patterns and colours to the front of your closet! “Look good, feel good” is a key to confidence because feeling good radiates positivity, optimism and happiness which are all contagious.  

Stay beautiful+UNCONVENTIONAL and know that you are loved at Bohemian Beach Boutique!



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